Dr. Chamata is one of the top medical professionals performing abdominal liposculpture, ab etching, and high-definition liposuction.

As a talented artist and sculptor, Dr. Chamata’s artistic eye translates into exceptional results with this custom procedure – the sculpted abdomen you have always wanted: toned, defined, and chiseled. This custom procedure is performed with precision and attention to detail that is truly extraordinary, for a sculpted abdomen that appears natural and aesthetically beautiful.

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How does abdominal etching work? Does it look natural?

This procedure involves precision removal of the excess fat between your muscle groups in the abdomen, revealing them with the attractive definition of a six-pack for the ultimate “cut” look. The procedure should be performed by a plastic surgeon with a high degree of experience and technique.

As Dr. Chamata is one of the most talented surgeons in the country performing this procedure, you can be confident that your results will meet or beat your expectations. The result of the treatment will appear entirely natural, revealing your abdominal musculature in the most attractive way.

Advanced abdominal etching for extraordinary results: Dr. Chamata

Dr. Chamata performs a special technique of abdominal etching in Houston known as 4D Silk Etch that produces sleek abdominal contours that appear natural or athletic depending on your vision for your appearance. The incisions are fewer than other techniques, and always well-hidden and almost imperceptible. Dr. Chamata includes the use of advanced technology such as VASER and J-Plasma to produce the best possible results

What are the benefits of abdominal etching from Dr. Chamata?

Your etching procedure will be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a perfectionist, artist, and leading authority on abdominal etching. The benefits include:

  • Reveals your abdominal muscles to create the highlights of six-pack abs
  • Increased skin tightening with the use of J-Plasma 
  • VASER ultrasound energy liquifies the fat cells hiding the muscles for easy extraction
  • The procedure generally takes about one hour
  • Beautiful results with a short recovery time
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What to expect: Your treatment experience

  • Abdominal etching requires a careful study of your abs and marking subcutaneous fat areas that hide the muscle structure. You will be involved in this process from start to finish – it is your body and your vision for your appearance that matters most.
  • Tiny incisions will be placed in your abdomen, typically around the navel and hidden within your bikini line. Through these access points, a solution containing local anesthetic and a drug called epinephrine is injected. The epinephrine temporarily shrinks the blood vessels to reduce any bleeding, limit bruising and reduce swelling.
  • Once the area is numbed, ultrasound energy is directed to break up and release the fat between your muscles. A tiny hollow instrument called a cannula is then inserted to remove the small quantities of fat between your muscles to reveal the muscle structure of your abdomen.
  • The small incisions are closed, and a compression garment is put in place to speed healing and limit bruising, which is typically minor. You can expect one to two weeks of downtime, and no drains are necessary.
  • You can return to work within one to two weeks, but you will need to wear the compression garment for several weeks to allow your body to conform to its newly sculpted shape.
  • Your newly-sculpted abdomen is protected with specialized compression garments developed specifically for our practice.

Why choose Dr. Chamata in Houston for abdominal etching?

The result of your procedure will be a direct reflection of the techniques and artistry of your practitioner. Dr. Chamata has taken this technique to the highest level and is arguably the most talented surgeon performing abdominal etching in Texas and beyond. As an artist and sculptor, he has an eye for structure, balance, and the most attractive body shape. His techniques are superior, and as a perfectionist in abdominal etching, you can expect a result that exceeds your expectations.

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Meet with us about abdominal etching

Dr. Chamata can meet with you in person for a free consultation to discuss this procedure. He will never sell you something you do not need. He has the highest level of integrity and honesty in his practice and genuinely cares about achieving the best results possible. You deserve the best Houston has to offer in abdominal etching – and you’ll find it under the care of Dr. Chamata.

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