Why undergo male breast reduction?

Men can suffer from a condition called “gynecomastia.” This condition is characterized by an increase in glandular tissue, often the result of a hormonal imbalance. Men can have this condition in one or both breasts. Gynecomastia is not a serious medical condition in most cases but can be a source of embarrassment or lead to jokes and teasing, adding to the stress. Men who have gynecomastia tend to wear baggy shirts, avoid going shirtless, and feel less confident in intimate situations or while working out. Performed by Dr. Edward Chamata, male breast reduction in Houston can resolve the issue for the long term.

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What causes gynecomastia?

You may have an excess of breast tissue due to various issues, including:

  • Changes in the hormonal balance of testosterone and estrogen
  • Changes in hormones associated with age
  • A side effect of medications (anti-androgens such as Propecia, anabolic steroids, AIDS medications, anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, antibiotics, heart medications, and others)
  • Street drugs, alcohol consumption
  • Amphetamines
  • Pituitary gland conditions
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Some herbal supplements (lavender, tea tree oil)

What is the procedure?

Every male breast reduction surgery is different and reflects the extent of the issue. For some men with resilient, healthy skin, only liposuction is necessary, while others may require both liposuction and surgical excision of glandular tissue as well as recontouring the upper chest. Advanced technology such as VASER and J-Plasma will also be utilized to produce superior results. If incisions are necessary, they are placed with precision and skill, so they fade to being virtually invisible. The incisions are often placed around the nipple border, so once healed, they are unnoticeable by others.

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Male breast reduction surgery A life-changing procedure

For men with an excess of breast tissue, gynecomastia in Houston is life-changing. You can expect significant changes, including:

  • A masculine, sculpted chest: Dr. Chamata will resculpt your upper chest to create the most appealing, fit appearance that you are confident revealing at the beach, pool, or in intimate situations.
  • Confidence going shirtless and wearing tight garments: No more need to wear loose, floppy shirts to try to hide your upper chest. Wear tight T-shirts and other shirts with confidence.
  • Comfort during workouts: Men with gynecomastia often experience some discomfort during workouts, which is fully resolved with this procedure.
  • Freedom from embarrassment: The most dramatic change is in your attitude towards life and your confidence in the appearance of your body.
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Dr. Edward Chamata:

Premier plastic surgeon for men in Houston

You may have spent years feeling embarrassed about having “man boobs” and would prefer to try to forget about it – but it is impossible. When you come to the conclusion that it is time to undergo a procedure to create a more masculine chest, meet with Dr. Chamata for a male breast reduction in Houston. Dr. Chamata and his team have mastered male breast reduction techniques. As a talented artist and sculptor, his ability to reshape the upper chest goes above and beyond the ordinary. The excess breast fat and glandular tissue can be removed, the skin tightened, and the upper chest sculpted with advanced body etching techniques to create the ultimate look.

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Improve your quality of life and your self-confidence

After your surgery, you can expect some swelling and bruising and should plan on taking some time off for your body to heal. Rest for a few days and take it easy until your incisions are fully healed. You must wait to return to the gym for workouts, running, cycling, or other physically vigorous activities for four weeks. Typically one week off work is all that is necessary if your work is not physically challenging. You will have pain medication for the early stages of healing.

Within a few weeks, you will begin to enjoy your newly sculpted chest, and the men we treat admit that undergoing this surgery was one of the best decisions they have ever made. Meet with Dr. Chamata in a private consultation at Premiere Surgical Arts in Houston. Gynecomastia surgery consultations are done by him personally. He understands the male perspective, and ensures total discretion, and will speak with you openly and honestly about your gynecomastia in Houston.

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