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Dr. Chamata performs custom neck liposuction treatments to create a beautifully defined jawline, free from under-chin fat. This procedure involves placing a tiny incision through which a hollow instrument is inserted (cannula), and the fat cells are then suctioned away, gone forever. You may not realize that your body does not grow more fat cells in adulthood – your existing fat cells merely swell and shrink as you gain and lose weight. Removing them altogether means that you can maintain the refreshed look of a defined jawline and upper neck for the long term.

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Neck liposuction + neck lift = the ultimate neck resculpting

Your neck may be giving away your age, even more than your face. If you have a youthful face, but your neck looks saggy, aging, and you are plagued by a double chin or vertical bands, a combination of neck lipo and a custom neck lift could be the ideal approach to revitalize your look. The first step before neck liposuction in Houston is to meet with Dr. Chamata in a private consultation so he can evaluate the quality of your skin and advise you of the procedure that will produce the most beautiful outcome. Your consultation will be private, and Dr. Chamata will answer all of your questions and concerns honestly, including about the procedure itself, your recovery, and what to expect in the final outcome.

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What is the recovery?

If you undergo neck liposuction as a single procedure, you can expect swelling for about two weeks. You may experience some bruising. Most people can resume their usual activities within a few days and can return to vigorous exercise in about three weeks. The recovery is generally reasonably easy to experience, and the results long-lasting as long as you maintain a healthy weight.

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Double chin? We can help

Your body may be programmed to store fat beneath your chin and on your upper neck. These fatty deposits can be almost impossible to shed, no matter how much you watch your diet or exercise.

If this sounds like you, we offer custom neck liposuction treatments to restore youthful definition at the jawline and remove double chin fat. Imagine no longer feeling embarrassed about double chin fat!

Your life experience can be significantly improved when you know you look youthful, slim, and free from the excess fat that makes you look older and heavier.

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Benefits of neck liposuction

Dr. Chamata performs neck liposuction in Houston, and he is among the most talented young board-certified plastic surgeons practicing in the area. His techniques, precision approach, and artistry are extraordinary. As an artist and sculptor, he sees the human body with the eyes of an artist, and he has a personal dedication to every person he treats.

The benefits of neck liposuction include:

  • Removes double chin fat
  • Refines and defines a fatty jawline
  • Enhances your profile
  • Causes you to look slimmer 
  • Creates a more youthful look

Look as young as you feel, with our help

You deserve to look youthful, slim, and elegant. Removing double chin fat can dramatically improve your overall facial look. It is a minor procedure with a relatively short recovery time. If you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a double chin, we invite you to meet with Dr. Chamata in a free consultation. Our luxurious, private clinic was built to provide a superior experience, discretion, and privacy, with the most advanced health and safety protocols in place.

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