The ideal outcome looks entirely natural, never “wide-eyed,” pulled, or unusual.

This requires a great deal of skill, and your eyelid surgery should be performed by a master of the art. Dr. Chamata is known for the beauty and subtlety of his results and for applying his artistic skills to this delicate procedure.

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Droopy eyelids?

Look younger and refreshed with a custom eyelid surgery.

If your eyelids give your face an aging look, you have the ability to outsmart nature and restore your look with custom surgery. The procedure involves placing incisions in the natural creases of your eyelids, so the incision line is virtually invisible once healed. When receiving your blepharoplasty in Houston, Dr. Chamata employs the most advanced surgical techniques to achieve results that appear natural, never overdone. Eyelid surgery can subtly but dramatically enhance your overall facial appearance.

Types of eyelid surgery

Upper eyelid surgery

Upper eyelid surgery addresses saggy, crepey eyelid skin, which can be so extreme that vision is impaired. If it is determined that the excess skin is affecting your peripheral vision, your health insurance will cover some or part of the cost of treatment in many cases.

Lower eyelid surgery

Some people are plagued by fat bags beneath the eyes or lower lids that are uneven or droop. Puffy or sagging lower eyelids can be treated with an advanced procedure that relocates excess fat to treat under-eye hollows, bags, or festoons.

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Eyelid surgery and you

Eyelid surgery can significantly improve your appearance and make you look more open, friendly, and youthful. If you look tired, no matter how many hours you sleep, it is time to consider eyelid surgery.

When arriving to our clinic in Houston for eyelid surgery, Dr. Chamata will meet with you privately to evaluate the extent of your condition and to discuss your options.

Your eyelid surgery can be combined with other age-defying treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, from a facelift to laser skin resurfacing, injectables, and other options. If you want to look younger and more refreshed, you can trust Dr. Chamata to advise you honestly. He will never pressure you to undergo a procedure you don’t need and practices the art of plastic surgery with integrity.

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What can I expect in recovery?

The recovery from eyelid surgery is typically very fast and easy to experience. You will need to avoid sun exposure and take the time you need to recover fully. The stitches are removed in a week to ten days, and any swelling or bruising fades within two weeks.

Most people return to work or other activities within a week.

Although the discomfort is minimal, you will have prescription medication to stay comfortable in the early stages.

If you are planning to attend a wedding, reunion, or another event where you would like to look your best, we advise undergoing eyelid surgery about six weeks in advance to ensure your tissues have fully settled into place.

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Meet Dr. Chamata in Houston:

Artist and plastic surgeon.

Dr. Edward Chamata brings artistry to every surgical procedure. As a talented artist and sculptor, he has a rare combination of expertise in this delicate procedure. He was trained under some of the most acclaimed plastic surgeons in the country, and he uses advanced techniques to achieve exquisite, natural-looking results. When you come to Houston for blepharoplasty, you will be under the care of a board-certified plastic surgeon who genuinely cares about you and performs every procedure with precision and meticulous attention to detail.

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Look as young as you feel

Your eyes reveal much about you, including your age. You have the right to undergo surgery to maintain a more youthful look, and this surgery is very rewarding and empowering. An eyelid lift can deliver several benefits:

Benefits of upper eyelid surgery

  • Treats the droopy folds on upper lids
  • Allows for better peripheral vision
  • Removes excess fat lodged over your upper eyes
  • Firms sagging eyelid skin

Benefits of lower eyelid surgery

  • Removes under-eye bags
  • Removes excess fat lodged beneath the eyes
  • Smooths lines and wrinkles in the region
  • Addresses drooping lower lids
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