A revision facelift performed with the deep plane technique is often the most effective approach.

When under the care of Dr. Chamata, your treatment will be customized specifically to address your individual condition, and he uses the most advanced techniques for faster healing, less scarring, and a very natural-looking outcome – with results that last.

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Facelift revision surgery with world-class results: Dr. Chamata

Your facelift may have left you with thinner skin, and your procedure must be planned down to the finest details. Depending on what has happened to your skin, various procedures could be employed, including a deep plane lift, fat grafting, and other advanced techniques to produce a result that is both long-lasting and natural-looking. Your original surgery may have been performed with an older technique that merely removed excess skin. The deep plane facelift technique can not only restore a youthful look but can also correct the tightness and imbalances that resulted from your primary surgery.

Corrective facelift surgery

If you were unhappy with the results of your original facelift, it might be due to the technique your plastic surgeon used. A facelift revision that works to support the facial muscles and the deeper tissue layers can not only restore a more youthful look, but correct a less than satisfactory result, such as poor scarring, “pixie ear deformity” (ears are pulled downward), “cobra neck deformity” (center of neck caved in and poorly contoured), “lateral sweep deformity” (face appears distorted), sagging cheeks, or lack of definition at the jawline due to facial drooping.

A comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment may involve a set of procedures including:

  • Neck lift (platysmaplasty) to smooth vertical neck banding
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Brow lift
  • Lip lift

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Refined results – Stunning, natural, and refreshed

Whether the outcome of your original facelift failed to meet your expectations, left your face looking pulled, uneven, or unnatural, or you loved the results, but time has taken a toll, Dr. Chamata can perform a custom revision facelift to restore and rejuvenate your look. As an artist, sculptor, and a highly-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Chamata customizes every procedure to produce effects that are remarkably natural, youthful – and look like you. His mastery of the most advanced techniques, including deep plane facelift, produces a very subtle, very natural outcome.

Is it time?

You may have been very disappointed with your first facelift, with the results lasting only a few years. No one wants to undergo surgery every few years!

You want a result that lasts, and when under the care of Dr. Chamata, you can expect a result that appears beautiful, natural, and lasts for a decade or more.

Older facelift techniques do not address drooping cheeks, one of the most critical facets of visible facial aging. Is it time to undergo a custom revision facelift that brings you greater confidence and joy? We invite you to meet with us and discover one of the most talented facelift surgeons in Houston, Dr. Chamata.

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Your recovery after facelift revision surgery what to expect

Depending on the type of corrective surgery performed, you can expect to need about two weeks to rest and recover.

You will need to keep your head elevated and follow the aftercare instructions we provide, including taking all medications as directed.

Within about two weeks, you should feel well enough and confident enough to venture out and show off your new look.

Your results will continue to settle and improve, with the residual swelling disappearing in the weeks ahead.

The results of your facelift revision will be a direct reflection of the artistry, surgical techniques, and talents of your plastic surgeon. We invite you to meet with Dr. Chamata for a free consultation and discover one of Houston’s finest surgeons – a true artist who practices with integrity, honesty, and a true passion for the art of plastic surgery.

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