Reasons for breast revision surgery: What is your story?

You may have been very disappointed with the results of your breast augmentation and been left with results that were not what you expected. Some of the issues that can arise after breast augmentation can include:

  • Breasts larger than expected
  • Breasts smaller than expected
  • Uneven breasts (asymmetry)
  • Capsular contracture
  • Breast implant rupture
  • Breast implants malpositioned (double bubble)
  • Ripples or wrinkles, implants visible
  • Implants too far apart or too close together
  • Implants too low on the chest wall
  • Botched surgery
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The right breast revision surgeon

It’s a big deal

It stands to reason that you want to ensure your second surgery is very successful. You are invited to meet with Dr. Chamata to discuss your situation in privacy at Premiere Surgical Arts in Houston. Breast revision consultations are designed to go over your concerns and goals, and to answer any questions you may have. As the founder of Chamata Plastic Surgery, Dr. Chamata is a talented artist, sculptor, and plastic surgeon. He is a perfectionist in every aspect of his profession and can discuss your concerns and advise you honestly and openly about breast revision surgery and what your procedure will entail.

Treating surgical errors after breast augmentation

In some cases, your surgery may have been performed with incorrect or faulty techniques – it does happen. A surgeon who is rushed or takes an “assembly line” approach to the surgery may have performed your surgery wrongly and created a result that is very disappointing.

In other cases, the surgery was performed correctly, but your breasts are smaller or larger than you expected. Whatever the reason, you can trust Dr. Chamata to resolve the problem and use the most advanced surgical techniques to create the look you originally envisioned.

Breast revision to replace older implants

Breast implants do not last forever, and with time, they will need to be replaced. In most cases, modern implants last, and if you have no problems, there is no need to replace them. However, older implants could rupture, lead to hardened breasts (capsular contracture), or you may have changed your aesthetic ideas and would like to return to your natural breast size. Whatever your wishes, you can be confident that breast revision surgery performed by Dr. Chamata will reflect your personal aesthetic vision and be performed to resolve any issue related to older implants.

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What is the surgical procedure and recovery time?

Your breast revision will be similar to your primary surgery, with incisions placed in the same location, and typically you can expect a similar amount of time to recover. If you choose to, you can undergo a breast lift in the same surgery if you had larger implants that have stretched your skin and led to your breasts being located lower on your chest. Every surgery is 100 percent customized to match your unique condition.


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Implant rupture and implant replacement

Breast implants are guaranteed. If a rupture occurs in a saline implant, it is obvious, as the saline solution leaks out, leaving one breast deflated. With silicone implants, it may be less obvious, as the silicone gel may be leaking but still be contained within the surgical pocket. It is advised that women with silicone implants undergo a regular MRI to ensure the implants are in good condition.

If a rupture has occurred, the manufacturer may pay for some of the costs of replacement implants, including some of the costs associated with anesthesia and the facility. We can help you to find out what your options if you have suffered an implant rupture.

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Dr. Chamata in Houston:

Artist and plastic surgeon

Dr. Chamata is a talented artist and sculptor, and every breast revision is performed with an artist’s eye for balance. As a perfectionist, he is meticulous, precise, and trained in the latest surgical techniques. You deserve to ensure your second surgery is successful and that you are thrilled with the results. If you'd like to discuss moving ahead with breast revision, Houston's expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Chamata, would like to invite you to meet with him in a free and private consultation.

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