A lip lift: Lovely lips that last

A lip lift is a custom surgical procedure that shortens the distance between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose. This causes the upper lip to become larger and show more of the natural darker red lip pigment. This procedure can produce a stunning result, creating a more youthful, lifted look to the upper lip and the entire lower face. Aging skin will stretch, and when this occurs, the skin between the nose and upper lip becomes elongated and the teeth become less visible, creating an aged facial appearance. This procedure allows more of your teeth to show while increasing volume on the upper lip and reducing the distance between the upper lip and nose.

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Dr. Chamata: Artistry and skills produce superior results.

Your lip lift in Houston, when under the care of Dr. Chamata, will be delivered with quality customized care, an emphasis on safety, and a level of attention to detail that cannot be replicated.

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How does it work? Will it leave scars?

A lip lift involves creating a hidden incision in the natural skin crease beneath your nose structure. The location allows the incision site to be virtually invisible once healed. The area is numbed with local anesthesia, so you are comfortable and pain-free. Based on careful pre-operative measurements and markings, a precise amount of skin beneath the nose is removed along the contour created by the nose structure. The incision is then closed with tiny, delicate sutures, and the procedure is complete. The results are yours for all the years ahead – fuller, plumper lips and a more youthful smile.

Recovery after a lip lift What should I expect?

As with any surgery, swelling is to be expected, which varies from person to person. You must keep the incision site clean, and we will provide you with a special medical ointment to apply. The healing requires about two to three weeks, with the ultimate result achieved in approximately four to six weeks. The incision site fades to being virtually invisible, a thin white line that is hidden beneath the nose in a natural skin crease.

This procedure has the added benefit of shortening the distance between the upper lip and nose, creating a more youthful smile. When a Houston lip lift is performed by Dr. Chamata, this procedure is customized and can include enhancing the look of the Cupid’s bow. As an artist and sculptor, Dr. Chamata has a rare combination of skills that can produce a superior result with this minor surgery.

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Is it painful?

This custom surgery is surprisingly easy to tolerate, and most people need only Tylenol and can apply an ice pack to reduce swelling. As the area is numbed before the surgery, you will not experience any pain during the procedure. The stitches are removed in about one week, and until the incision site fades, the scarring can be hidden with a concealer. If you have tried fillers and were unhappy with the result, you deserve to find out about this surgery and whether it is right for you.


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What can a lip lift do for my look?

A lip lift produces a subtle, natural look and offers many benefits, including:

  • Shortens the distance between upper lip and nose
  • Allows more of your upper teeth to show when you smile
  • Creates a more sensual, attractive lip appearance
  • Creates a younger look to the lower face
  • Increases upper lip volume
  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles above the upper lip

The right surgeon matters

This delicate procedure requires precision, skill, and an artist’s eye for balance. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Chamata, has garnered a reputation for his outstanding work and employs the most advanced techniques. He is genuine, caring, and dedicated to achieving a superior outcome in every case. The nuances involved in producing a beautiful result make all the difference in your satisfaction. Meet with Dr. Chamata in a free, private consultation.

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