Your custom tummy tuck: Dr. Chamata, artist, sculptor, and surgeon

Dr. Chamata is an exceptionally talented plastic surgeon. He uses the most advanced surgical techniques to create a firm, taut abdomen with a custom tummy tuck. His patients come to him from the local Houston area, the state, and beyond due to his meticulous surgical approach and stunning outcomes. As an artist, sculptor, and talented plastic surgeon, his aesthetic sensibilities are above and beyond the ordinary.

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Is a tummy

tuck the answer?

If you struggle with any of the following aesthetic problems with your figure, you may be a candidate for a custom abdominoplasty at Houston's Premiere Surgical Arts:

  • Bulging abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Your abdominal muscles appear separated and stretched (diastasis recti)
  • After pregnancy and childbirth, you were left with stretch marks, fat, and sagging skin
  • You have love handles, a bulging abdomen, and stretched abdominal skin

Imagine your body, restored

Time can take a toll on your figure. A once firm, fit, youthful physique can transform with a bulge that is impossible to hide, even with loose clothing.

With a custom tummy tuck, you have the option to recreate the look of a youthful figure, restoring the muscle structure, removing excess fat and skin, and leaving you looking leaner, younger, and more attractive.

If you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing an unsightly bulge, stretch marks, saggy tissue and skin, or split muscles, a tummy tuck can bring you relief – and enhanced self-confidence.

Transform your body with a tummy tuck

Your journey to a more attractive figure starts with a private consultation with Dr. Chamata, one of Houston's tummy tuck experts. His honesty, integrity, and advanced surgical skills allow him to create a truly exceptional outcome. He will speak with you about your individual condition and what can be done to restore your abdomen to a firm, youthful, structured look. The steps of a tummy tuck are:

  • General anesthesia is administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist at our private, accredited, onsite surgery center.
  • The incisions are placed based on your unique condition. The incision is always kept low and hidden within your bikini line. 
  • Dr. Chamata tightens weakened, stretched, or split abdominal muscles.
  • Excess skin, fat, and tissue is removed. Stretch marks appearing on the lower abdomen can be flattened or removed.
  • A completely natural-appearing belly button is formed from your old navel and sutured into place with well-concealed incisions.
  • The incisions are meticulously closed with sutures.
  • The abdomen is bandaged, and a surgical compression garment placed to protect the area, limit swelling, and hold the new contour in place.
  • You will become aware in our onsite recovery suite, under the care of certified medical professionals.
  • You will be released to the care of another adult to return home for your recovery.
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Watch the magic happen,

day by day

Dr. Chamata implements a special pain control regimen that addresses pain both during and after surgery in order to minimize the amount of discomfort patients feel post-operatively, just one more reason to receive your abdominoplasty in Houston at Premiere Surgical Arts. Arrange for a friend or family member to assist you for the first few days. You will be provided with aftercare instructions, and Dr. Chamata will be closely monitoring your recovery and will meet with you several times to ensure all is proceeding well. As the days pass, swelling and bruising fades, you will regain full motion, and your new look will be revealed – it is almost magical how different your body will look, and the recovery time is well worth the wait.

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Your new life begins

Once your healing is complete, you can expect to feel more confident and attractive. You no longer have to worry about sagging skin, excess fat, or stretched bulging muscles. Your figure will be youthful, firm, and attractive, and you will feel confident wearing tighter, revealing clothing, including swimsuits, low-cut bottoms, and revealing lingerie. Your incisions will require several months to fade but will eventually appear as a thin white line. Enjoy your new look – fresh, sculpted, and youthful!

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