As the years pass, your skin no longer produces the same quantities of collagen as it did in your youth, and the firmness and quality begin to fade.

Laser skin resurfacing is one of the most comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatments available today, using laser heat energy to trigger natural skin cell growth.

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Fractionated Erbium laser skin rejuvenation in Houston: Watch your skin restore from within

The “fractionated” erbium laser skin resurfacing works by splitting the laser energy into columns of heat that leave the surrounding skin undamaged for faster healing. If you are unhappy with any of the following skin conditions, you are likely an excellent candidate for this treatment:

  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Sunspots, age spots, or freckles
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven or rough skin texture
  • Lax facial skin

Is it time to rejuvenate your facial skin? Meet with Dr. Chamata

Dr. Chamata has dedicated his life to achieving perfection as an artist, sculptor, and plastic surgeon. He may advise you to undergo laser skin resurfacing if your skin is showing signs of aging, sun damage, or has acne scars. He will evaluate the quality of your skin and speak with you about your concerns in a private consultation, and he will never advise you to undergo a treatment you don’t need.

“Erbium” is a chemical element, a silver-white metal, that is used in this advanced skin rejuvenating device.

The laser energy can remove columns of the upper layer of your skin, allowing new skin cells to grow, along with fresh collagen and elastin, nature’s skin-firming elements.

The extent of your procedure will reflect your individual skin condition, and the treatment will be performed by a qualified, certified practitioner who uses advanced health and safety protocols when performing this comprehensive skin rejuvenating treatment. For anti-aging at its best, without surgery, find out more about what laser skin resurfacing could do for your skin quality – it creates a dramatic improvement.

What is the healing time?

One of the advantages of this skin resurfacing treatment is the fast recovery. Most people can return to their usual activities within three to five days. As the days, weeks, and months pass, you will see your facial skin continually improving.

In the first phase of healing, you can expect some swelling and redness, and soon you will see new, fresh skin appear, pinkish in color. Ensure you avoid sun exposure during healing, and always wear sunscreen, as your skin will be sensitive to UV rays.

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Beautiful skin can be yours

If you are dismayed to see your skin losing its fresh, youthful quality, find out more about our array of skin rejuvenating treatments, including laser resurfacing. This approach is often ideal for people who have more extensive signs of aging skin and are plagued by sunspots, age spots, acne scars, or lax skin. The end result? A younger-looking you with refreshed, restored skin that glows with health.

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